Goorambat Wagyu


This Bull is on Fire!!

An outstanding combination of genetics and recent carcase results make this sire irresistible.

About Goorambat Mr. Marble GRSFK0483

Mr. Marble K483 offers an outstanding combination of genetics.  A beautifully balanced pedigree with Shigeshigetani, Itoshigenami TF148 and Terutani 40/1 all featuring.  “Shigeshigetani is one of the most well rounded and consistent carcass sires available”  says Scott DeBruin, Mayura Station.  


            WKSFM0139 World K'S Haruki 2 (FB1614)

SIRE:   WKSFP1593— World K’S Shigeshigetani 1593

            WKSFL0976 World K'S Suzutani (FB1617)   


             SUMFX0065 Sumo Itoshigenami X0065 (AI)

DAM:  SMOFE0175 Sumo Cattle Co Nami E175 (ET)      

             IMUFR3258 TF Terutani 40/1 (IMP USA) (AI) (ET) 


For further information, download Sire brochure below.


Mr Marble K483.pdf


Outstanding carcase results!

“GRSFK0483 is showing his PROVEN PERFORMANCE as a sire to transmit growth, milk and marbling in his progeny.  His daughters are lovely big heifers and the steer progeny to date has been exciting in their ability to  marble and produce carcase weight.  Look at the average age at slaughter (AAS) of only 868 days or 28 ½ months.  These are outstanding actual data figures and we look forward to seeing his EBVs rise even further when the data gets added to them”.

“In a leading Wagyu feedlot, based on over 200 bulls, GRSFK0483 has ranked as the No 1 performance sire for CWT ”

Semen is available domestically in Australia for $500 per straw and a very limited number of sexed export qualified male and female semen is available upon request.



Mr Marble K483 Carcase Data.pdf