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About Us

A Commitment to Wagyu

Goorambat Wagyu run a herd of “Full-blood” or 100% Wagyu cattle in the Benalla district of northern Victoria.  Wagyu are well renowned for their superior meat quality and high marbled beef, which is often seen in high end restaurants around the world. 

Breeding Philosophy

100% Wagyu Genetics

The term Wagyu has been loosely used over recent years where any animal with some Wagyu connection has been called Wagyu.  Goorambat Wagyu believes that the term “Wagyu” should be reserved for the original 100%  genetics which are direct descendants from the original exports out of Japan.


Embryo & Semen Sales

The multi award winning Goorambat Wagyu herd is available for pedigree viewing by going to the Australian Wagyu Association website at and looking up our registered herd.  Simply put GRS% in the herd ident box and this will allow full access to our herd details.

Goorambat Wagyu Awards

Goorambat Wagyu is proud to have been awarded a silver medal in the 2012 inaugural Australian Wagyu branded beef competition. 2014 Goorambat Wagyu is delighted to accept the 2014 gold medal in the Australian Wagyu branded beef competition