Goorambat Wagyu:


Embryo & Semen Sales

The multi award winning Goorambat Wagyu herd is available for pedigree viewing by going to the Australian Wagyu Association website at and looking up our registered herd.  Simply put GRS% in the herd ident box and this will allow full access to our herd details.


Goorambat Wagyu has a number of embryos for sale, each eligible for export to many countries throughout the world. We prefer to speak with potential buyers first, go though the criteria that they are seeking when looking for embryos, and then produce the style of breeding that best suits their breeding needs.


We currently have export qualified semen available from 5 of our bulls:

  • Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 (GRSFK0473)
  • Goorambat Mr. Marble K483 (GRSFK0483)
  • Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku K430 (SMOFK0430)
  • Goorambat Terutani F146 (GRSFF0146)
  • Peppermill Grove D139 (PMGFD0139)


Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 (GRSFK0473)

A sire just ready to marble. Combining Michifuku, Yasufuku, Ichyruno and Kitateruyasudoi in the one pedigree. Added to that, proven dam carcass performance. E122 steer sired by PMGFD0139 MS8, CWT 455 kgs, age at slaughter 1218 days, Haruki 11 sired steer MS9+, CWT 423kgs, age at slaughter 728 days.

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Mr. Marble K483 (GRSFK0483)

Mr. Marble K483 offers an outstanding combination of genetics. A beautifully balanced pedigree with Shigeshigetani, Itoshigenami TF148 and Terutani 40/1 all featuring. “Shigeshigetani is one of the most well rounded and consistent carcass sires available” says Scott DeBruin, Mayura Station.

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Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku K430 (SMOFK0430)

Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku K430 was selected by us because of his outstanding pedigree. We wanted a sire to use over our Shimane/Tottori influenced females and with K430 having both Michifuku, TF148 and Terutani 40/1 in the pedigree he provides the ideal combination for us. The sire himself is a phenotypically upstanding and correct bull and being free of recessives has added to this exciting sire. His pedigree lends him to being ideal for use as an F1 sire or over fullblood cows with that Shimane or Tottori background.

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Goorambat Terutani F146 (GRSFF0146)

 A son of Terutani 40/1, out of an Itoshigenami TF148 cow, we hold high hopes for this young sire. Semen is qualified for export, including China. Contact us for further details if required.

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Peppermill Grove D139 (PMGFD0139)

This sire we selected to put some growth and milk ability into the herd. He is a sire that is suitable for use over Tajima style Wagyu. He may be of limited use in a first cross breeding program. His semen is available in Australia through Agrigene Pty Ltd or for export directly from Goorambat Wagyu.

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Further Reading & Information

To discuss our bulls in more detail please contact us and we will be very happy to assist you with your queries. For concise information down load the attached document.


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